Products released in the year 2001, were especially of excellent taste and high quality. They include some of our best selling products such as White Angel, Bravo Cone Pistachio which is one of the flavors of our Bravo Cone series. Distinguishing it with traditional marketing of chocolate, White Angel appealed to the customers with its cute image, making monthly sales of 3 billion won. Bravo Cone Pistachio introduced to satisfy young people’s taste was a great hit among the teenagers, contributing to increased total sales of the Bravo Cone up to 40 billion won.

Haitai has led the domestic confectionery industry for over 60 years and has presented numerous products that have been loved by many for years and years.

Through endless product development and strengthening marketing power, Haitai has contributed to the development of the domestic food industry with its effort to make high quality products.

The Yeonyanggang introduced in 1945 is still favored by many customers. Also, Bravo Cone, which was first launched in 1970, has become a leading ice cream brand through the commercial music song “Let’s meet at 12. Bravo Cone!” Bravo Cone has been recorded in the Korean Guinness Book as the oldest ice cream product. Bravo Cone is the best and the oldest ice cream in Korea and will continue to build its fame and reputation. Matdongsan(1975), Ace(1974), Babambar(1976), Nougatbar(1974) are the other long-serving Haitai’s products that are still very popular.

The idea of our snack product, Homerun ball, was originated from the Korea Baseball Organization in 1981.
It's unique name was derived from its particular baseball shaped appearance. Homerun ball contains chocolate inside every round ball, and is a easy to-go snack that is great to take out to any event. The Homerun ball is successfully reaching monthly sales of 4.2 billions won. In addition to the homerun ball, Oh! Yes (1984) is our one and only soft chocolate cream cake, which has been on demand for many years due to its soft and delicious taste that melts in your mouth. It is proudly making monthly sales of 4 billions won. In 2008, Ice Cool has been a hit in the gum market sustaining continual growth of 3 billion won in monthly sales.